Quicken Capital FAQs

What does Quicken Capital provide?

Quicken Capital provides small businesses with funding. Unlike a traditional bank loan, the funds received are factored by current volume and are paid off using future sales. Payment to Quicken Capital is easier than a traditional loan because it is automatically deducted from the business’ total sales.

What are the advantages of a obtaining funding from Quicken Capital?

There are many advantages to obtaining a merchant cash advance. Many businesses encounter difficulties when it comes to getting the funds they need. We understand those difficulties and wants to provide you with a solution.

  • Quick & Easy: Applying with us is a simple process that will get you well on your way to what your business needs to succeed.
  • Peace of Mind: Never worry about making your payment deadlines. Because your repayment is made automatically each day, you can be at ease.
  • Fast Funding: Get your funds in five days or less.

 How does a business qualify for Quicken Capital Funding?

Our Account Managers can give you detailed information on qualifying for a merchant cash advance. Give us a call at 866.209.7356 to learn more.